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Hey y’all

I am so excited to start sharing “All Things Savvvy” with you! First and foremost, I want to introduce myself. My name is Savannah and I am the Creative Owner of Savvvy Designs.

So how did I get into design you might ask? For me, design has always been a B I G part of my life. Whenever I was younger, I actually wanted to be an interior designer for sometime, but I also had big dreams of following in my mama’s foot steps and attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to become a Pharmacist. Fast forward to my sophomore year in college I found myself studying every second of every day, no social life, stressing myself out, not sleeping, not eating right, and just not the same person that I was before I came to college. All of the chemistry and biology classes had physically and mentally taken a toll on me, and I just was not happy. At this point in my life, I found myself constantly asking God to show me the plans that he had for my life. For a while I was conflicted. I felt like I was giving up on a dream that I have always had…when in reality,

my dream was just beginning.

Junior year of college, I was slated to become the social media director for my sorority. In this position I facilitated all social media accounts, made creative content, planned photo shoots, designed flyers & cards, and was basically the creative eye for my organization. This is when I felt like my passion for design and helping others really started to be evident.

So with much answered prayers for guidance and direction, I started Savvvy Designs. I truly feel like God’s timing is never wrong, and that he has finally called me to follow my design dreams. MY passion is to help business owners and freelancers create designs that truly embody who they are as an individual & a company. It is so important for me to truly understand my clients and their individual needs.


from business & marketing, I have a h u g e passion for fashion, beauty, and traveling. I want my blog to be a place where I am able to share everything Savvvy with y’all. I will occasionally post branding tips & tricks for business owners, but I really want this to be a place to share everything else that I love with y’all.

I am so excited for everything that 2 0 1 9 has in store for myself, and my business. I am glad to have y’all along for this crazy ride!

Here’s to All Things